Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ready for School to Start!

I am so ready for school to start! Don't get me wrong I love my girls more than life itself but their constant bickering and mess making has me at my wits end!!!
This is the first Full time year for Tori-Kate she attended half day Pre-K last year. This will be the first in nine years that I will not have a child at home during the day!

I have fantasies about Bon Bons, magazine reading and unlimited artistic free time.

But the cruel reality is that I will be scrubbing toliets,studying, pet care,grocery shopping etc. most of you know what I mean the never ending list of thing to do at home not to mention PTO,Soccer ,Cheerleading and so on and so forth!

And the other cruel reality is that as soon as school starts I will be missing my babies like crazy!

Time to go and clean and do my very favorite thing... Laundry!