Monday, January 17, 2011

Love ATC Swap and Snow Fun!

It Snowed! The kids and Husband have been out having fun while I stay safely tucked behind the Camera and then go in for Hot Chocolate and Cookie Patrol.Finally got all of the Christmas put away, yea!How is your New Year going so far other than Broken Bones and Girl drama ours has been pretty decent.

Here are some of the pictures I promised from my ATC swap still tweaking a few of them so I will Post them later .

Have a Great Day!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Well Today Totally Sucked!

Things were off to a pretty decent start got a few things done around the house.

Picked up children for school and while we were at my visiting my Parent's house my Father slipped and fell while getting out of the shower! Well let's just say that even down stairs a few choice words were said that would make Andrew Dice Clay Blush on a good day! I ran up and my Mother Followed as fast as she could with her knees the way that they are.

He was sprawled on the floor and was unable to use his left arm at all.

Suspecting a dislocation I left the Kids with Mom, and drove Dad to the ER.

Not a dislocation........ but, a spiral fracture in his Humerus in three places!

Ah hell this is really going to be a nightmare! The man barely sleeps as it is and only in his ideal conditions! He has not been well the past years and ironically he was just starting to feel a little better.

Well, this is going to be interesting!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thinking about Design ! Boxed Muffins and a Birthday!

I am in full Valentine's mode I joined an intense Love ATC swap 20 partners !!!!!(piccys later)
And I got inspiration today from the Valentine's edition of Pottery Barn Kids really cute Love blocks but not sure if I am going to make them out of paper as they did or if I shall use wood? Stay tuned.......

I feel really old my Baby Just turned 10! This week has been interesting to say the least.
We went Skating which is really scary!
I cannot believe I used to be able to skate backwards and do jumps etc. I now consider myself lucky to stay upright!
And then we went out to eat she received a alarm clock/Charger /Speaker unit for her phone and the first day of school she was wakened by said unit ,got up, dressed and was in an unusually agreeable mood...weird!

Our school has adopted a new policy regarding Birthday/Party Treats that are sent in.
They would like them to be more on the healthy side.

I sent in Blueberry Muffins.

I had three Mother's come up to me after school asking for the Recipe apparently they were a hit!

With slight hesitation in giving out my precious family recipe I am now going to share it with you too.....

Wait for it........

I cannot believe I am about to reveal this treasured family recipe!

Are you ready for the big reveal???






******Duncan Hines Blueberry Streusal Muffins!!!******
Tada! I am a baking genius!
No applause necessary! I know I have mad skills! :)

There now you have it. I guess you may now do with this information what you will! :)

I have two girls age 5 and 10. So all things girly are constantly in play here.

So much so that when we went to select our dog my Husband insisted on a male! Too Funny!
Any way, Santa brought a few presents regarding designing clothing,we have been busy! I will share those items also as we finish them!

I have to go and do my very favorite thing now, Laundry (extreme sarcasm)!
Have a great Night!