Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I want Summer!

I know it is ridiculous! But, I want summer to return immediately!
I am cold, sick and fed up!!!!
I went to the Chiropractor today... yeah big fun!
No one can Say I don't know how to have a good time!

I spend all of my free time at really cool and exotic places! Where you say?? Well let me just tell you....the Elementary School, the Fire Station, the dentist,doctor,the Veterinarian and wait for it ........the Grocery store!!! I know some of you are really jealous! And many are just as blessed as me with our wonderful outings! But add the cold ,snow and rain to these wild and fabulous adventures and you get one unhappy Momma! Anybody feeling the same???


  1. Ha! I'm just the opposite - all summer long I crave winter and cold weather. I'm thinking maybe people like us should have two homes, one for each hemisphere, so we never have to leave the seasons we love! :)

    --melydia from swap-bot

  2. I am with you! I was done with winter before it started! The cold - with jackets, boots, etc. makes everything a little harder.

    Aimee (darzy30) - swapbot
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  3. Yea I'm no fan of the cold. I had the flu during the holidays and that certainly did not put me in the festive spirit.

    mellermann86 from SB

  4. I like the cold more than the hotter months. But, since our heater/ac needs to be replaced I wish it was the time of the year that I didn't need either.